Cheap Part Time Traders Insurance From Think Insurance

The best tip that insurance providers, like Thinking Insurance, could offer part time traders is to actually apply for cheap part time traders insurance. There are situations where discrepancy in prices show, these happen because traders weren’t totally honest with their information. With part time motor trade insurance, as well as any insurance out there, don’t withhold information because the insurance policy you applied for could be cancelled or voided. In addition, the record you create will likely make it difficult for you to apply for similar insurance in the future.

Mechanic Insurance

Motor traders who operate part time in mechanic workshops should definitely go for a mechanic insurance policy; it can be considered part time when they work after office hours, fitting the schedule around their other occupation. Even if business is operated in your humble home’s garage, go for mechanic insurance because it covers everything from damages to client’s vehicle during diagnoses all the way to product liability.

Vehicle Sale Insurance

Buying and selling vehicles on a part time basis can qualify you for the vehicle sale insurances. Be sure that demonstration coverage is included; this enables you to hand over the vehicle to the customer for test driving with ease. It’s never recommended to rely solely on customers to have their own insurance, that’s why traders take on Third Party Only coverage.

Valeters Insurance

Regardless if you’re employed as a valeter by yourself, as a part time occupation or you’re under contract with another garage and business then a valeters insurance is the best option; with a valeters insurance, you’re covered whenever you move a client’s vehicle. Usually, the insurance policy covers the valeter whether they work on a particular premise or operate mobile valeting. A great feature of this insurance is the customizable indemnity limits which saves you from expensive repairs.