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If you have any query with regards to what if you are dating an Aquarian and you would like to know more about them then you should visit today. While some people believe that Aquarians are easy to dominate because they are a very subtle zodiac sign, it is not true because while an Aquarian might seem to be extremely sweet and quiet when you don’t know them well, once you get close to them you will soon realise that Aquarians love to dominate and love to have their way. They are extremely strong headed and you cannot tell an Aquarian what to do because they like to do what they think is right.

Unless you have strong evidence to prove your point you might as well know that they are not going to listen to you. Aquarians are extremely loving people but it takes them a lot to show that love to you. They have a very close knit circle of friends and family members and they don’t like extending it too much. Aquarians hate change and while a lot of people believe that change is something they can manage to bring into the life smoothly; this is something that Aquarians don’t like.

One of the best things about an Aquarian is that they are generous and they will love to share whatever they have with you. However in order for you to get something out of them you need to be close to them. Aquarians are usually close to few people and they don’t care about the rest of the world. This is one trait the other Zodiac signs lack. They like being independent and they don’t like to interfere with other people with regards to their routine. They like doing things their way at their time.