Have You Tried Robot dog Dogs Yet?

Artificial Intelligence is the new hype when it comes to technology and scientists are leaving no stone unturned in trying to develop machines that will leave people in awe. The engineers have spent quality time just to understand how the body of various animals function. They later used those notes to create one of the first four legged robot dogs with artificial intelligence. The best robot dog can see, jump and do a lot more independently. As scary as this might sound, it’s true. The robot dog that’s designed to resemble the body of an animal can perform tasks similar to the animal.

It has eyes, so it can see everything. It manages to look out for obstacles and smoothly jumps over them with no problems at all. This mean robot dog weighs about 70lbs and has already managed to pass the test phase where it was made to jump over 18 inch hurdles.

Since this is a robot dog, it obviously runs. This robot dog manages to speed up at 13mph. This robot dog is worth a watch and there are a number of people who are waiting to check it out.

Researchers will showcase this robot dog very soon for all to see. The robot dog was put together by intelligent minds and is an ideal play toy for the young and old. One now needs to wait and watch how this robot dog will come in handy and what more it can do. It can be a great companion to kids and you will also be able to train the robot dog to fetch things just like an actual dog. This will help you get the satisfaction of having a pet without the mess of cleaning up after the pet.