Taking Screenshot On Windows 10 Is Easy

Windows 10 is the latest entrant into the platforms available for your desktops and laptops. While windows 10 continues to impress and get rave reviews for its easy navigation and host of features, let’s take a look at how to take a screenshot windows. It is a simple feature, but there are still a lot of people out there today who are not very comfortable using computers and need an easy guide to use these functionalities.

There are a lot of shortcuts keys available to use that make complicated processes into simple steps to be followed. Taking a screenshot can be as easy as we take it on our mobile phones, so using it on computers is no different. One can just press the prtscn button on the keyboard and take a quick and easy screenshot. It’s always nice to know alternatives as well. Even though the prtscn button can be very easy to use, let’s see at the other alternatives available to us on windows 10.

One can also use the snipping tool to take quick and easy screenshots. Using snipping tool can be very useful and a better as compared to just using prtscn button. If we press prtscn button then the entire screen gets saved a screenshot right from the date and time in the toolbar down to the tabs that might be minimized on the below taskbar. While this is good and so is used by most, but if someone wants an edited screenshot version then snipping tool is the answer to your prays. Snipping tools allow one to take a screenshot of only the area of the data that is required. One has to select the image and the paragraph or the area of which they want a screenshot of and snipping tool will only copy that area. It does not copy the entire screen.