Get More Discounts On Your Subway Meals

Subway is one of the largest fast food chains all over the world and the Subway card is something that people who are loyal to Subway know about. According to subway listens survey, most of the visitors that enter the supermarket visit Subway to get a Sub. While Subway sandwiches are tasty, they are also very healthy which is why people all over the world don’t hold back from relishing one of these subs. If you have a subway card but you are not too sure what to do with it then here are a few things you need to know about this card.

A subway card is like a reward card. Each time you eat at Subway you get points. These points are collected on your card and you can redeem them after a certain amount of time at any Subway store. There are also some amazing promotion deals that come up from time to time on these cards.

When you go to your local subway store you can order as much as you want and for a certain amount spent you accrue points on your subway card. You need to tell the cashier that you have a subway card so that they can credit the points on the card. If you are wondering how many points you have accrued there are three ways to check it. You can ask the cashier at your local subway to swipe your card and let you know the number of points you have. You can also check your points balance on every subway receipt that you receive. You can also check your subway points online by simply registering your subway card on the subway website.

There are a number of goodies that you can redeem with the subway points. Make sure you use them wisely.