Difference Between Woven Patches And Embroidered Patches

If you are the one who is having the problem in making the difference between the woven and embroidered patches, then you don’t need to worry about it. In the post, we will break out some points which will make the difference between them. Patch is the way to secure your torn clothes and make it in use again. You can glue or stitch your patch on the cloth and make the cloth useful again.

If you are confused that which one is better, you can take help from the guide to make out the difference between the patch and can choose the better one which is suitable according to your need.


  • Looks

There is a very difference between the woven and the embroidery patch. The thinner thread makes the woven patch. The thinner working will tighten the design and makes it like a much detailed artwork. Embroider one is made with the thick thread which makes the work not much defined. Embroider one is also done with the thin thread but thick as compared to the woven one.  

  • Flexibility

When you are going to choose the patch, then make sure that what kind of patch you want and then take out the designs for that particular one. The woven patch is smaller in size due to the material and the production process as compared to the embroider one.

  • Detailing

The woven patch is made up of the thinner thread. Embroider one is also made with the thin thread but a little thick as compared to the woven one. The woven has more detail than the other one.

To conclude, these are some of the difference which can help you to choose the one according to your needs. You can go on the https://www.ultrapatches.com/, for more information and can take out the better one according to your choice.