Make Dating Your Priority

If your partner sees that it was genuinely a mistake and forgives you, then he shouldn’t repeatedly be bringing up the topic. Every time you have an argument or disagreement, don’t submit to your partner just because he brings up your one mistake. Your partner may try to hold your slip up as a weapon against you just so that he can have the upper hand in the relationship. Giving into this emotional blackmail will never allow you to forgive yourself and move on through a dating app.

Take Some Time Off From Your Relationship To Figure Out Why You Cheated

Maybe you saw that your relationship had already run its course. Maybe you didn’t feel the same strong and undying love that you once did for your partner. Not all relationships have a ‘happy ever after’ ending and often when one partner realizes this he or she slips up and ends up cheating. Take some time off to figure out whether it was genuinely a mistake or a subconsciously directed decision. Figure out whether you want to be with your partner or not. Being clear about these things and taking some time off from your relationship will help you realize where you stand and will also help you to forgive yourself.

Get Therapy Or Couple’s Counseling If Needed

Sometimes just accepting and admitting is not enough. You may not be able to overcome the overwhelming guilt alone and might just require couple’s counseling or individual therapy from a professional. It’s absolutely normal to need help and guidance from a professional. In fact, if you take couple’s counseling, it will become much easier for your partner to forgive you and for you to forgive yourself. Don’t hesitate if you’re unable to deal with the repercussions of your mistake alone, get help from a professional so that you’re able to forgive yourself.