You Will Love How This App Works

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a new book by your favourite author and you tell your partner through a chat, he will make sure that he buys it and presents it to you on the day of the launch!

He Will Be Protective About You

No we don’t mean the insane psychotic jealousy, but the cute and adorable little jealousy and protectiveness may be displayed by a man who is falling in love with you. He might get a little uncomfortable when he sees you entertaining another man more than usual. Additionally, if he finds that another man is making you uncomfortable, he will warn that guy to back off and won’t be afraid to get into a physical fight if need be.

He Will Not Leave Your Side When You Are Sick

From making supermarket runs to pick up additional tissue boxes, to making sure that the chick broth soup is the perfect temperature, a man who is falling in love with you will make sure to be by your side when you’re feeling sick and unwell. He will cancel all his appointments and ditch work just to make sure that he can provide you everything that you need.

Weekends Are Reserved For You

Most guys eagerly await the weekend just to hang out with their ‘boys’. However, if you find that the guy is clearing out all weekend plans just to spend time with you; he is definitely in love with you. Most men run to be with their gang the first instance that they get. It is only when a man is falling in love with a woman that he will cancel all other weekend plans with the boys to spend quality time with her.