More Things that BandCamp Gives to Artists

If you are on lookout for ways to expand your fanbase as an artist, and also for you to release your new material with ease, there are apps out there that are designed for people like you. One of these apps is the bandcamp, and it is no surprise that a bandcamp downloader is something that you would see other people getting. If you are an artist, and would want to not just be able to expand your fan base and release your music as well, then BandCamp is definitely the app for you. What are some of the great benefits that come with signing in on the app? Let’s find out below.

Smart Players for Music

If you want music players that are sharp, well-customizable, and of course allow your listeners to play your files in the best way possible, then this platform allows you to do exactly that. It also comes with the album essentials, like cover art, photos of merchandise, and it is even able to play videos if you are also into it. It’s simple, and is of course, driven in a focused manner on sales.

See Your Fans Increase in Real-Time

The best thing about the stat system is that you are not only able to gain access to your fans, you are also able to see who gets to purchase your files, as well as see the blogs and terms that your fans use to address you. If you want to see how you’re doing week-on-week in terms of the sales and the number of people who listen to your tracks, then this is the perfect means to do so.

Sell Both Physical and Digital Copies

Thanks to the site, you are able to sell tickets, t-shirts, vinyl, and other stuff with ease. You can also share LPs. No code redemptions, and no need for the long wait for physical records.