What Makes Pokemon Go So Popular?

Online, Mobile Gaming, has already met with Virtual Reality, and their offspring is Pokemon Go. Mobile games have always been criticized as they have the tendency to make people sedentary whenever they are played, but Pokemon Go is a game that does otherwise, as in order for you to catch Pokemon, you would have to go from one place to another. If you want to take shortcuts around the game, one of the things you can do is for you to Buy Pokemon GO Account from various sites, like pokemongoforsale.com, which is named in a straightforward manner. Different levels and pokemon caught could have an impact on the price. With that said, what are some of the reasons behind the game’s popularity?

The Pokemon History

Without a doubt, the character, and the game itself has been an icon in the world of gaming and Anime. The term “Pokemon” actually works like ear candy, having been mentioned not just in television, but in card games, and in the then-popular gaming console, the Game Boy. It has come in various versions through the years, and it has managed to transcend from one generation to the next, and the Pokemon Go app is one of the ways in which it has done so.

Augmented Reality

This is where new technology meets and old, iconic, and extremely familiar brand. This augmented reality feature of Pokemon Go is one which has really stirred interest and curiosity among people. The functionality of smartphones is something that gets a real-life application in the outside world, where you would actually have to go outside to hunt Pokemon, and visit various locations just so that you can engage in duels other Pokemon players, and be able to get a strong set of Pokemon, grazing in the wild, which is something that used to just be limited to your gaming console or computer.